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David Fore voted #4 Best Drummer in Austin 2013 and 2014!

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David "Fuzzy" Fore
DAVID FORE, the legendary Texas drummer and songwriter. He grew up in the coastal town of Corpus Christi (though born in a hospital in San Antonio). The son of a drummer, Dave played the drum kit in pop bands, rock bands, garage bands, and just about any gig, as a very young boy, he could find. Still in his mid teens during the Psychedelic explosion of the 1960s, he left high school to join a band, and in just eight months they had a national top 14 hit: The band was Bubble Puppy. From 1967 through 1971 he toured America with the band making radio and television appearances in between concert dates. When the band broke up, he settled back in Austin, Texas. Going back out on the road as the drummer for Folk artist Steven Fromholtz in 1974, Dave became disillusioned with the music business, and his creative lot as the drummer, so in1979, picking up the guitar, and collaborating with Austin singer/actress De Lewellyn, Dave wrote "Too Young To Date" a new wave anthem. With Stu Hillyer as the guitarist, and John Keller on bass, they formed D-Day and recorded several singles and an album for I.R.S., A&M, and Rhino records. When the band broke up, Dave settled back in Austin, and while touring occasionally as a drummer with friends, he went back to college to pursue a second career in computer science.
Recently he has returned to the Beatles tribute band "The Eggmen". A great band that has won "Best Cover Band" six times at the Austin Chronicle Music Awards. He has also played with the KopyKats and there, met Mark and Jimi.

Dave was thrilled to rejoin Bubble Puppy at the Austin Music Awards and introduced Mark and Jimi to the band. The Threadgills show, ignited new hope for the future as the Smoke rises again!