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"It's an honor to be a part of Bubble Puppy." Gregg Stegall

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Gregg Stegall
 Gregg Stegall has been playing guitar professionally in Austin, Texas since he was in high school, where he met Mark Miller and Jimi Umstadt and joined forces to form a rock and blues cover band called Nueces. While in this band, they learned several Bubble Puppy and Demian songs. Little did they know that 40 years later they would all find themselves as Bubble Puppy members, playing on stage, alongside their mentors, Rod Prince, David Fore, and Todd Potter. Even though Gregg did not join BP until after Todd Potters departure from the group in 2013, he acknowledges a great respect and kinship towards Todd, and the great guitar performances that Todd did on all the records that make up the works of Bubble Puppy, Demian, and Sirius. "It's quite an honor to be asked to fill the shoes of a great guitarist like Todd, and I hope I am able to do justice to the great legacy of music that I am faced with" GS
     After graduating high school, Gregg started a professional sound reinforcement company in 1975, with his high school shop teacher, John Nelson. This eventually became the largest sound and lighting company based in Austin, doing live sound for local, as well as national acts coming through Texas. This gave Gregg an extensive knowledge base, and set of experiences in the live world of music, which has proved to be a valuable asset throughout his career.
 During the late 70's and early 80's, Gregg took Mark Millers place as guitarist for the band Zeus, which later became known as Morris Code. During the 7 years he was with Morris Code, he recorded in the studio and played hundreds of gigs, all the while searching for the ever elusive "big record deal" that never came, even though they were signed with Peter Leed's American Bands management company. This was at the time that Blondie was at their peak during the "Heart of Glass" era, and Peter had just sold management rights of Blondie to another company, and he was going to make Morris Code the next Blondie. How many times have we heard this story?
     In 1985, Gregg was fortunate enough to be asked to join the legendary Texas cover band "14K" to take Brian Wooten's place as lead guitar player. A really big set of shoes to fill, as Brian was considered one of the best guitar players ever to come out of the state of Texas. Gregg had always looked up to Brian, and did everything he could to try to emulate Brian's playing. While he never became as advanced of a player as Brian, his playing abilities were greatly improved by studying what Brian had done in "14K" as well as "Too Smooth", another legendary Texas original rock band during the 70's. While in 14K, Gregg performed on two episodes of Star Search, and participated in the making of 14K's Christmas video "Ring Christmas Bells'"which aired on national TV networks during the Christmas season, all of which can be found today on You Tube.
     Throughout the rest of the 80's and into the 90's, Gregg played in various cover bands such as Dear John, Duck Soup, and the Executives, as well as doing live sound engineering for the best R&B band ever to come out of Austin, known as "The Bizness", who's members went on to join "Rick James", "Tower of Power", "Kenny Loggins", "Jodi Watley" and "Prince". That was an especially talented group of musicians that Gregg worked with for a couple of years.
     After 2000, Gregg took a hiatus from playing guitar, and focused exclusively on live sound, and furthering his small sound company, 1st Stage Audio, which he runs with his wife Kathryn. Also mixing as house audio engineer for Cedar Street Courtyard on 4th St. in Austin, TX. While there, he met the Austin version of the Spazmatics, and has worked with them for the last 9 years as their "go to soundman of choice." Though not playing guitar for them, Gregg continued to absorb abilities for improving his guitar playing by listening to, and working with the Spazmatics guitar player "Brian Young", another great player who has had an influence on Gregg over the last 5 years. Brian played with David Lee Roth for 7 years prior to moving to Austin, so obviously, he's going to be a great "Eddie Van Halen" style player. EVH is one of Gregg's favorite guitar players of all time.
     Gregg considers it an honor to be a part of the legendary Texas band, Bubble Puppy, and looks forward to meeting and playing for all the BP fans in Texas and across America.