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JIMI UMSTATTD, joined the Kopy Kats on Aug 3, 2006, after about a year of solicitations from the band where a Texas Legend, Reggie Witty, was retiring thus necessitating a top notch quality replacement. Jimi has played guitar since he was 3 years old, taught by the master himself, Dr. Bob Umstattd, who was an early guitarist and singer mentor for his medical partner's impressionable young son named Eric Johnson. Jimi's bass playing began when in 8th grade, some highschoolers needed a bassist and 'converted' Jimi during the Hendrix and Beatles era of 1968. Earlier deep influences, most particularly Paul McCartney, can be felt in the melodic bass riffs and smooth vocal blending still enriched in Jimi's unique and rebellious but rock steady style. In 1969 while a freshman at Austin high, Jimi's Battle -of-the-Bands efforts were definitively disqualified due to the unprecedented nature of radical behavior and set material including The Beatles' mega-hit "Why Don't We do it in The Road?" which was a bit too advanced for an all age crowd. That same year, Jimi met fellow rocker and middle-school friend Mark Miller who would become a Kopy Kats founding member. The lads had many had many adventures even back then in various bands and performances. Jimi's extreme love for playing Rock and Roll music and performing Glenn Hughes-type vocals has been a mainstay in his life with too many bands to list.
Presently he has also become the bass player for the infamous Bubble Puppy band replacing Roy Cox . He played with them for the Austin Music Awards in March of 2011, at Threadgills in June and looking forward to many more shows as the Smoke Rises again and Bubble Puppy returns to the limelight with the same magic from the past.
So what's his day job in his spare time? He calls it "entrepreneurial exploitation of bargain manipulation and consequential profiteering." Jimi most loves the exquisite companionship of his best investment ever, his wife Mariellen. Their family of 3 children are constant reminders of the satisfaction of passing along a very fortunate natural musical talent to another generation. Although Jim is Sagittarian in nature, he can be terrible obnoxious on a rock stage in front of large crowds. The highest professionalism of proper performances often graces other audiences as well. Playing favorite rock n roll songs mixed with a splash of modern country is the perpetual therapy that makes the spice of life prevail in the Kopy Kats, Bubble Puppy and in Jimi. The name J. Aubrey is supplemented as his pen-name on almost 40 original songs he's written since moving into the hills of SW Austin, a magical and creative setting he loves to call home. Rock on everyone, let it rock!