Mark Miller
In 1980 he joined up with long-time friend, musician & song-writer/producer, Jay Podolnick. They formed a super-group of sorts, adding John Staehely (Spirit, Bob Dylan), Austin guitar icon, Glen Fukinaga on bass (future Dixie Chicks bassist), and Mark Singer, a hot-shot studio session
drummer from LA. While the band had talent galore & was turning heads everywhere, the project was short-lived and never landed a record deal. Fast forward to 1989 and Mark was tapped to be one of 3 lead guitarists on Jay's Warner Bros. release, "Inside Out", sharing honors with Eric Johnson & Billy White. While the record had modest sales, the experience of recording with such great players was invaluable.
After that project, Mark worked on building a business and starting a family in the late 90's. Basically, musically inactive until 2003 when he started playing with a group of guys in the Round Rock area, doing acoustic covers of classics from all generations. As that band got better and more noticed, they added a drummer and went "all electric", thus the new "Kopy Kats" were born. The band still enjoys covering classic hits from 60's-90's at venues in
Originally from NYC, MARK MILLER has been playing guitar since arriving in Austin in the late 60's. In 1969 he became friends with schoolmate, Jimi Umstattd, a union that would come and go for over 40 years, now here to stay. He developed his playing style listening to Clapton, Page, Gibbons, and of course, Rod Prince & Todd Potter, huge influences in the
early 70's. Graduate of Westlake HS (1973), he then began playing in Austin area cover bands, joining town favorite Zeus In 1974. In early 1975, famed Bubble Puppy drummer,
David Fore, joined Zeus. This was the start of a life-long relationship between David & Mark, one than would eventually lead to the current BP agenda. Eventually, Zeus
signed with Kiss' manager Bill Aucoin in 1978, joining Kiss, Billy Idol, and Billy Squirer, already with that management team. Mark experienced a dream come true when he got to
record at Electric Lady Studios in NYC, working with famed Hendrix engineer, Eddie Kramer and Mike Stone (Journey & Queen), recording demos for Capitol Records & EMI America in the late 70's.
Central Texas. 2 years ago, drummer David Fore joined the Kats and has been there since. It was at Mark's invitation that D-4 come hear the band at a party in South Austin, just to see if he might like the fit. It was there that they asked David up to jam, only to surprise him with an old BP tune that we all loved. Hot Smoke & Sassafras was the tune, and we nailed it. David joined up and it wasn't long before the masses started clamoring for the "real" Bubble Puppy to make a comeback. Well, after brain-storming the notion for a while, the band was asked to reassemble for the 2011 Austin Music Awards. Mark was asked to join the original line-up, along with his friend of over 40 years, Jimi Umstattd. The show was one for the ages, thus the clamoring turned into a roar for more shows. So now, here they are...the Bubble Puppy of the new millennium. Playing with precision, purpose, & passion, as it once was and how it shall remain.
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"I can't tell you how special this has been to me." Mark Miller
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