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"I've never experienced a real brotherhood as I do with this incarnation of the Puppy. " Rod Prince

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ROD PRINCE, singer/songwriter and lead guitarist, is a native of Corpus Christi, on the coast of Texas. He first picked up the guitar at thirteen, finding his true love early in life. Rod was influenced most deeply by the Ventures, Dick Dale, Lonnie Mack, Jeff Beck and, as we all were, Jimi. He dropped out of school at sixteen to apprentice with the hottest band in town, the Velvederes. Under the wing of keyboardist Gary Beck, Rod began his lifelong learning. Rod was a member of the infamous "Bad Seeds", his first recording experience, releasing four singles on the J-Beck label. (a video clip of the Seeds has been the scourge of record conventions for years). Rod would join with Roy Cox to form Bubble Puppy after the Bad Seeds split. He co-wrote their one hit wonder, "Hot Smoke and Sassafras," as well as most of the songs for Bubble Puppy. On, through Demian, Manbeast, Crosswhen, New World Symphony, the Deadhorse Puppy, the Prince Trio, to the apex in Sirius.
Rod Prince Guitar/Singer/Songwriter
Since the demise of Sirius, Rod worked in the construction trade as an electrician for many years. He has two children, Amy and Brenna, and four wonderful grandchildren. He is now the vineyard manager of the family farm-Whistling Duck Vineyards, Dublin facility.

And so, it begins again with Bubble Puppy. Their reunion at the Texas Music Awards in March, 2011 and their outstanding sold out performance at Threadgills in June sparked the renewal. His inspiring guitar solo ignited the crowd and he now looks forward to their new journey as the Smoke Rises again and Bubble Puppy takes the stage once more. "Magic, pure magic."